Journey Coaching


An engaging brand.

A website to explain who, what, and how.

Workbooks to make their material easily accessible.

Social media posts to share information and build trust.

Brand Identity

Journey Coaching helps facilitate guided personal growth and foster relationships through the use of their materials combined with one-on-one and group coaching.

They needed a brand that could engage and appeal to a range of generations.


They wanted the brand to work with their original logo.


An initial set of lightly muted colors was selected for the main part of the brand, with accent colors added for use in specific projects.



Photos of objects used within the interior pages of the workbooks have a white background, or no background, to fit seamlessly around the text. Drop shadows are added to these items to provide depth.

Photos used for social media have a clear focus and good lighting.


Redesigned website with updated branding, a clear customer path, and anĀ e-commerce store for their workbook series.

Workbook Series

Series includes Leader’s Guide, Participant’s Guide, and Implementation Guide.

Leader’s and Participant’s Guides were distributed in both print and digital formats.

Social Media

Organic social media to share information and encouragement while building trust.