Melody Nesslage


Melody Nesslage, graphic designer, headshot.

Hi, I’m Melody!

I’m a dedicated graphic designer with 7+ years of freelance experience and 4+ years agency experience using Adobe Creative Suite, WordPress, and other industry specific software for brand design, website design, and a variety of print and digital designs.

I have additional experience in project management, digital marketing, pharmacy, customer service, and leadership.

My main career goal is simple; to do the work I love with a great team and company while continuously growing, learning and evolving.

Professional Background

I received my education from Kirkwood Community College and graduated with an Associate of Applied Science degree in Graphic Communication Technology.

Prior to and during college, I worked five years in food service and retail. After college, I took on more freelance design projects and transitioned to a position as a pharmacy technician while studying to obtain my certification.

Five months into my time as a pharmacy technician I got a job in my career field as a graphic designer. As I transitioned into my new role as a designer with a marketing agency, I took and passed my test for pharmacy technician certification and continued working as both a CPhT and designer.

As my agency workload increased, I left the pharmacy position and focused my attention on advancing my career and building additional skills.

I spent a total of four years with Banowetz Marketing working on branding, logo design, print design, layout design, typography, website design, social media campaigns, copywriting, podcast management, SEO, analytics, and project management.

In November of 2022, Banowetz Marketing’s owner made the difficult decision (with the support of the team) to shut down in order to focus on family and personal life. Now, I’m using my skills and experience to fulfill the role of sales and marketing manager at a photography studio while continuing to graphic, web, and branding design projects for freelance clients.

More About Me

In June of 2020 I married my husband, Matt, and we moved into our house in a small Iowa town with our two cats. We love having the extra space and ability to see the stars at night (something we didn’t have in our city apartment).

I love being outdoors, especially at the beach and camping. Iowa beaches leave a lot to be desired, though, so travel is something Matt and I try to do in the warmer months (usually for beaches, concerts, and family visits).

My passion for design started before I had access to design software, and I still enjoy using my skills to create things like cards, sketches, and cute baked treats.

A couple of my other hobbies include rollerblading and cosplay. It turns out that having so many costumes already made is very convenient for Halloween!